Taylor Made Prep's Game Readiness Basketball Camp will offer athletes a FUN and EXCITING atmosphere consisting of collegiate level coaching, elite skill development, agility & strength training  

This program is limited to 50 players (Per Location) to ensure a high number of repetitions and skill improvement.

Participates will leave with a greater level of confidence and understanding of what it takes to become the best version of yourself! 




Improve Your Ball handling

With a variety of (rhythmic) skill moves used to create space, players will improve ballhandling thru game like situations, designed to reduce turnovers and improve decision making.

Improve 1on1 Moves

  • How to create space
  • When to attack
  • Beating your defender off the dribble

You will learn how to effectively use the dribble and cover more space with fewer dribbles at a faster pace.

Improve Decision Making

The unique decision making drills and skills will improve your ability to think and act in decisive ways. 

Improve Shooting

You'll learn keys to effective shooting thru a variety of shooting drills aimed at improving accuracy and ability to score points.

Become More Aggressive One of the biggest improvement from our training is the development of a confident attacking mindset. The drills, tools, and knowledge you'll receive during training will help you become more aggressive and assertive in games.

Improve Speed & Agility

Throughout training, we will integrate speed and agility drills to help you improve defense, your first step, and overall agility.

Finishing Moves

With a ball in your hands most of the camp, you'll get opportunities to improve your setup moves and ability to finish at the basket. You'll learn what to do with the ball after you beat your defender.

Athletes will leave with a better sense of self and understanding of what it takes to be successful in basketball. We will address technical, tactical and applied aspects of basketball that will help a player develop their game beyond the level they are currently at.



Game Readiness training is giving you the tools needed to prepare for a game. Athletes will improve overall skills like ball handling and shooting -- however a big emphasis of the program will be "decision making".

Players will learn when to pass, when to shoot, when to dribble, when to drive, angles to take, how to be more aggressive using game specific drills.

·       Train the mind of athletes to make faster decisions within the practice environment

·       Develop a confident attacking mindset

·       Identification, cause and correction of the most common fundamental errors

·       Knowledge of the skills necessary to catch, shoot, dribble and attack on offense

·       Game-like understanding of the application of perimeter offensive skills

During the program, we will use decision training drills and rhythm clapping to enhance the teaching of basketball's most important offensive skills - shooting, passing, dribbling and 1 on 1 moves. Combining decision training with rhythmic clapping enhances the learning experience for the player due to:

Improve the ability to think and act in decisive ways

·       Increases in motivation

·       Stimulation of creativity

·       Development of an awareness of basketball rhythm

·       Repetition of all the fundamentals without getting bored

·       Awareness of the continual possibility of improvement


Coaches will promote a fun and safe environment that encourages positive and purposeful learning experiences.



The training camp is for boys and girls 3-12th grade.

This is for SERIOUS basketball players that want to get better. You can play games anywhere, so we focus on things you can't just pick up anywhere. We focus on developing skills that will make you better! 

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